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Our technology will provide a faster and cheaper construction method for complex structures.

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Our Team focuses on target goals with appropriate planning to achieve what is meant to be.

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Our customers’ projects are an investment in the future.Through our partnerships and relationships with them, we help make people’s lives better.

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AY Constructions Company achieved success through immense care in planning and choosing the right resources and execution, be it the drawings, construction material and construction techniques. We strive to provide quality construction at competitive prices, as well as maintaining valuable client relationships.


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Building construction management by professionals who can meet completion dates and project cash flow requirements.

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In this industrialized world, our construction usually involves the translation of designs into reality.

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We use advanced fabrication tools and equipment to create structures that comply with the equivalent standard requirement of different acceptable load dimensions.

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We have good formwork for floor beams & Slabs.

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Our team loaded with skilled and experienced engineers having 15 years of rich experience in managing construction projects.

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Our surveyors supposed to make precise measurement that will identify the boundary and they help in providing unique contours on the surface of the earth.

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Our Team

We Are Awesome & Skilled